Projects CEBA is supporting:
Global Karuna- Nepal Earthquake Relief
Metta Gurukul Charity Schools in Nepal
Peace Grove Institute (Nunnery and Girls College) in Nepal  
Plant One Million Trees in Lumbini, Nepal
Bodhi Institute and Peace Education Centre, Nepal

Venerable Metteyya Sakyaputta is the Spiritual Guide of CEBA and was born in the same place as the Buddha: Lumbini, Nepal. He is also the current Vice Chairman of the Lumbini Development Trust managing the World Heritage Site of Buddha's Birthplace.

At age 15, Ven. Metteyya began building Metta Schools along with dedicated friends, calling it ‘A Seed of Compassion.’ The 2 schools provide education to nearly 900 students and encourage many young volunteers to spread the gift of education to the children of Lumbini. Ven. Metteyya, now 32, also co-founded Peace Grove Institute (Nunnery and Girls College) and is a strong advocate for women’s education, equality and excellence in Nepal. He is the co-founder of Karuna Women’s Institute and Girls College and Anatta Children’s Library as well as Bodhi Institute and Peace Education Centre in the World Heritage Site of Buddha’s birthplace, Lumbini. 

Venerable Metteyya is a wonderful Buddhist teacher and is much loved by his students both in Nepal and abroad. His enthusiasm to practice and demonstrate compassion in action has been a true source of inspiration for all who have met him. Though his formal training is in Theravada Buddhist tradition and Vipassana, Venerable Metteyya has acquired precious teachings from various masters of Tibetan Buddhism and studied with the Vietnamese Pure Land tradition. The aforementioned and a B. A. degree majoring in Buddhism have afforded Ven. Metteyya a thorough comparative, theoretical and practical understanding of the various Buddhist traditions. He says that knowledge of many traditions of Buddhism has helped him to pinpoint the core and most essential Buddhist teachings. He was also one of the featured scholars in the 2010 PBS film ‘The Buddha’ by David Grubin, was portrayed in 2014 "On Meditation" documentary by Snapdragon Films, and featured in Allan Lokos' book Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living."  



CEBA's mission includes:
Advancing the practices of the Buddhist faith while promoting intra-Buddhist and inter-spiritual learning and dialogue in Canada and internationally. 
Improving animal welfare and living standards of people in Nepal through education of both children and adults, provision of medical clinics, construction of wells and sewage maintenance systems, reforestation projects and literacy programs.
Dharma Centre (Bodhi Institute) for the community, pilgrims and other travellers in Lumbini, Nepal (the birthplace of the Buddha and a World Heritage Site).

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Guruma Bodhi Sakyadhita (Lori Forster) is an ordained Buddhist Nun and has been a committed practising Buddhist since 2003. Bodhi has volunteered, studied and practiced Buddhism in several countries on many occasions including intensive meditation retreats and spiritual pilgrimages. She has also carried out a comparative study of the history and different lineages of Buddhism under the guidance of Venerable Metteyya Sakyaputta. Guruma Bodhi continues to study and practice Vipassana Insight, Sri Lankan and Nepali Theravada and Tibetan traditions with an interest in becoming more familiar with other traditions and lineages of Buddhism such as Zen, and Pureland. Bodhi is president of CEBA, a founding member of Peace Grove Institute (Nunnery and Girls College) and Bodhi Institute in Nepal, and is also employed with the Canadian federal government as an environmental scientist. She recently served on the board of directors for the Edmonton Interfaith Centre for Education and Action, the Edmonton Chapter of the Parliament of the World's Religions, was the first Buddhist Chaplain at the University of Alberta.  Past volunteer work includes founder/director of Elephants in Need, board of directors for the Valley Zoo and Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta and was a master composter and recycler with the City of Edmonton's Waste Management Branch.

Lisa Kapty is the Vice President of CEBA and has been a dedicated practitioner and meditator for many years. She is the  proud mother of a daughter and son. Lisa enjoys practicing compassion in action taking care of her family, friends, pets and anyone in need. She is a great vegetarian cook and holistic health advocate.


Ven. Metteyya - Spiritual Director

Guruma Bodhi - President

Lisa Kapty - Vice President

David Parker - Treasurer

Miguel Ferrero - PR Director
Margaret Marean- Secretary
Keith Tegart - Director

Hira Moktan - Cultural Director
vacant - Membership Director