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At age 15, Ven. Metteyya began building Metta Schools along with dedicated friends, calling it ‘A Seed of Compassion.’ The 2 schools provide education to approximately 1000 students and encourage many young volunteers to spread the gift of education to the children of Lumbini.

Peacegrove Nunnery or Shantikunja Vihara as it is known locally is the heart and soul of all the "Metta Family” projects. It grew out of a need to continue to educate the first female graduates from Metta Schools. Today it serves as a community hub for all our projects, many local families as well as tire traveler spend their time here, great festivals and feasts for the community are held here. 

Updates can be found at the Peacegrove website as well as Peacegrove Facebook page.

Karuna Girls College is next door to the Peacegrove Nunnery and opened its doors in the summer of 2013. Phase 2 commenced in fall 2014 with an expansion of a 2nd storey. Anatta Children’s Library is also located at this site. More information can be found at our partner organization’s site for this project Medical Mercy Canada website.

Bodhi Institute and Peace Education Centre

Peacegrove nunnery

Karuna girls college

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In January 2012 CEBA was successful in our application for a piece of land in the World Heritage Site of Buddha's Birthplace in Lumbini, Nepal to build this Peace Education Centre with Visitor Information Centre, Library and Meditation Centre! We have completed about 25% of the project and have 41 novice monks living and training there while construction continues.


Much help is still needed with rebuilding efforts and you can give via our TO HELP page.

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